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Apple Stock Review Highlights

   Abbreviation: AAPL           Shares: 5.76b

   Industry: Tech                   Dividends: Yes

This is one of the most expensive companies in the world. Total value of the company is more than GDP of half of the World’s countries.

Apple Inc. History Review

The history of Apple Inc. begins in 1976, when 3 friends Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne decided to start producing PC’s. The beginning of sales of Macintosh is dated by 1984.

Macintosh PC’s were changed into PowerBook PC’s in 1991. They were much more portable and offered increased amount of software and features. The 1990’s can be characterized as period of experiment for Apple. The company tried to re-invent most of consumer’s electronics including CD-players and PDA’s.

Period of experiments resulted in such successful products as iMac and most of today’s Apple software.

The company started to produce iPhones in the beginning of 2007, which gave a great success to Apple Inc. At this point, company produces such products as computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, media players and Apple Watch.

Apple Inc. Performance Summary

The beginning of the company’s road to success was difficult. Their first computer was priced $666.66 and was not a pure success. One year later, Ronald Wayne sold his share of Apple back to other two partners, receiving $800 in return.

With the external financing for $250,000, Apple Inc. was able to achieve the growth rate of more than 600% per year. This was mainly due to high profit margins of PC’s (e.g. Macintosh II – 55%).

The company took the name Apple Inc. in 2007, which showed shift from PC’s to all consumers electronics.

After Job’s death in 2011, company continued it’s growth and achieved highest value in the world of $624 billion. At this moment, Apple Inc. continues it’s growth and expansion in all spheres of consumer electronics.

Apple Inc. Key People

At this moment, the most important figure at Apple Inc. is Tim Cook, who is both CEO and Director.

Jonathan Ive – the leader of design department and Senior Vice President.

Angela Anhrendts – head of retail and stores department, Senior Vice President.

Apple Inc. 2014 Summary Performance

Overall, 2014 was a successful year for Apple Inc., it has introduced new iPhone and iPad. Also it announced the concept of Apple Watch that will be produced in 2015.

It had a revenue of $42.1 billion in 4th quarter of 2014 and net profit of $8.5 billion, which was 12% more than in previous year. The same dynamics could be observed on the stock price of the company.

Year has started with the price $77 per one share and ended with price of $113.99. The overall trend was increasing and no significant decreased could be observed. Apple Inc. had a beta of 0.7, which shows high reliability of the company.

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