What is TradeNasdaq?

What is Trade NasdaqTradeNasdaq is a website dedicated to stocks and securities trading at the american stock exchange. In today’s web, there are just a few sources that bring you relevant information about trading on stock exchange. Most of these sources do not worth your attention since they do not have experience and knowledge to work in this field. For this reason we do our best to give you only high quality info.

Our team includes financial experts with more than 15 years of stock trading. Predictions of our analysts are reliable source of information since each of them is made by expert and includes only relevant information, which is made with precision.

TradeNasdaq strives to bring you the most relevant information about stock market situation, important news, reliable analytics and Nasdaq. We spend our time monitoring markets and news sources, so you can enjoy hand-crafted information important for trading.

Furthermore, we bring you the review of main components of the Nasdaq index or NASDAQ-100. This index is one of the crucial representatives of real market situation. So, TradeNasdaq recons this information to be relevant for your stock trading and for this reason we gather everything you need in one place.

Our website provides you only with relevant and reliable stocks analytics. We accept guest analytics, but you have to make sure that your analysis is of good quality and relevant, since we will have to approve it before posting. Also, we do accept guest posts, so if you want to be our guest analytic or guest blogger contact us! We get a lot of analytics and guest blog posts and we have to check it all, so, please, do not waste our time on low-quality content.

Also, Trade Nasdaq offers you to advertise yourself with us. If you are interested in such co-operation – go to the advertise page and we get your promo now!