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Yahoo Stock Review Highlights

   Abbreviation: YHOO           Shares: 938m

   Industry: Tech                    Dividends: No

Yahoo! has over 700 million of unique visitors per month, which is almost one eights of the population of the world.

Yahoo! Inc. History Review

Creation of the Yahoo! was in the beginning 1994 by two Engineers from Stanford University. The basics idea behind the Yahoo! was a website directory creation, which allowed to search for other website on the main page of directory. Yahoo! name was created in the April of 1994, which can be taken as a starting point of the company development.

At this moment, the company and website provide more than jus search services. Todays offer is extended by email services, news, directories, answers and, our personal favourite, finance services. Yahoo! Finance allows to have a look at the performance of any company that is listed at the Stock Exchange.

Yahoo! Inc. Performance Summary

Yahoo! Inc made IPO in April 1996, which is less than one and a half year after its initial start. The beginning price was much lower than the current one and was at the level of $13 per share. The public offering helped company to gain more than $30 million in funding.

Due to overall positive and sharp growth of the company, stocks has gone through 5 stock splits each with the first one being in 1997 with 3:2 coefficient. All other stock splits were made with the coefficient of 2:1.

At the time of so-called dot-com bubble Yahoo! managed to grow with lightning speed and getting stock price to overall maximum of $118.75 per one share. But after the bubble, the stocks dropped in price to the level of almost $8, which is overall minimum for Yahoo!

Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo!, but the deal did not settle, so the company remains free from Microsoft. What is interesting, the company has a deal with Google, which makes searches made on Yahoo! be powered by google servers.

Yahoo! Inc. Key People

The Yahoo! company is one of the sweetest pies that everyone is trying to get a bite. This is why the key people of the company change quickly and some of them try to gain influence by taking out others.

Scott Thompson was CEO until 2012, when his degree affair became public. After the investigation he was obliged to leave the position.

Ross Levinsohn is current interim CEO, he is also the president of Fox Interactive company.

Current CEO is ex Google executive who is in one of the youngest CEO’s in the world Merissa Mayer.

Michael Barrett is current CRO, ex. Google director.

Yahoo! Inc. 2014 Summary Performance

The year 2014 cannot be called as one of the most stable for the company. The price of stocks can be characterized as once with high volatility over that period. Yahoo! stocks opened 2014 with price abowe $40 per share. Until late October, price was unstable and did not get higher that $43, while the lowest price was around $32 per share.

The performance of the Yahoo! from October to November was strong and allowed stocks price to break the point of $52 per share. The year was closed with price of $50 for one stock and beta higher that 1.

Total revenue from mobile and video divisions in 2014 was more than $1 billion, which was almost twice as much as in previous year. Free cash flow of the company in 2014 was at the level of $500 million.

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