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Google Stock Review Highlights

   Abbreviation: GOOG           Shares: 342m

   Industry: Tech                     Dividends: Yes

Most of what you do in the Internet is served by Google. Your searches, your mail, your calendar and maps you use.

Google Inc. History Review

The beginning of Google can be dated by the 1995, it was a project of two students.The company has started it’s way to the top of the market as a search engine in 1997. In 1998, the amount of pages, indexed by Google, was around 60 million.

In 1999, G Inc. has opened a new office in the Silicon Valley, which is a home for most of the It-related startups nowadays.

At this point it has such services as search engine, email service, maps, operating systems and ton of others. Google also funds startups and creates a super hi-speed internet in the USA at this moment. Also, the company creates a lot of research that are supposed to help make our lives easier. Most awaited projects at this moment are Google Glass and Project Ara.

It is important to know that there are two types of shares that are traded as a google shares. One shares are Google Class A and another are Google Class C. The Google Class C stocks are relatively new shares which do not give you a voting power at Google. Also, they have 1:2 dividend share. The Google Class A shares give you the voting power and higher dividends.

Google Inc. Performance Summary

Since the beginning, the Google has grown numerous times. In 1998 it was financed for $100,000 and in 1999 it received $25m from venture capitalists. 

The IPO was done in 2004 with the initial price of $85 per one share. Since then, the company bought a lot of different online projects including YouTube, Global Ip Solutions and Double Click.

Most of the revenues are made from the advertisement and licensing. In 2006, the advertisement profits were equal to more than $10 billion, while licensing gave only $112 million. This is due to the fact that most of the company’s services are available for free to every internet user.

Google Inc. Key People

The list of important people at Google Inc. has to start from two-founders Larry Page (current CEO) and Sergey Brin, who is special projects director.

Eric Schmidt – chairman of Google Inc., also has been CEO between 2001 and 2011.

David Drummond and Patrick Pichette are CLO and CFO of Google Inc.

Google Inc. 2014 Summary Performance

Google’s performance over 2014 is definitely not one of the best in the history of the company. The overall, company has shown decreasing revenues when compared to 2013. Such slowdown of growth had a direct impact on the price of stocks of Google Inc.

The beginning price in 2014 was $551.95 per one share. The beginning trend was positive till the end of February, increasing price of stocks to the level of $607. After February, Google Inc. stocks experienced negative trend and period of high volatility which continued to the end of the year.

The market capitalization has grown to almost $400 million, which can be explained by drop of the stocks price to the level of $511 per share. Most of buyers do believe in growth of the Google Inc. shares and are such price decrease  gave them even more incentive to invest.

The ending price of the year 2014 was $534 for one Class C share. It is important to highlight that Class A shares are relatively more expensive that Class C, but both shares have common trend.

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