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Celgene Corp. Stock Review Highlights

   Abbreviation: CELG           Shares: 798m

   Industry: Bio                      Dividends: No

You have certainly seen them and maybe even been in their store already.

Celgene Corp History Review

This quite large corporation is one of the leading bio-pharmaceutical companies worldwide. It focuses mainly on revolutionary and innovative products for treatment of cancer and other harsh conditions and illnesses.

By developing various therapies and numerous medical compounds, Celgene plays an important role in the expansion of most clinical treatments. More than 300 major medical centers are using products and techniques developed by the large bio-pharmaceutical corporation.

Celgene Corp Performance Summary

Since early 90s when Celgene has become openly available to retail investors, the performance of the corporation is outstanding. Average growth rate is nearly 30% per year, so investors who put their money on CELG shares back in the 1990 are now millionaires.

It’s a perfect example of a life-changing investment for buy-and-hold type of investors. But the most surprising thing is that over the last 10 years, CELG shares were one of the most rewarding ways to increase your capital in the stock market. For this period of time the annual growth was increasing with average of 29.3%.

The solid data states that the company has rapidly increasing its revenue. In 2012 Celgene made nearly $4 billions and the following 2013 continues the trend with net worth of $5.6 billion.

Celgene Corp Key People

There are various important figures in the development of the corporation, who made it what it is today. The founders David Stirling and Sol Barer, who in 1994 became President and Chief Operating Officer, are the key figures in the history of Celgene.

John Jackson joined later on as Chief Executive Officer. Other coming important key scientists are Jerry Zeldis in 1997 and Bob Hariri in 2003.

The main person responsible for the amazing growth of Celgene is Bob Hugin, who initially joins as Chief Financial Officer and later became Chief Executive Officer in 2010.

Celgene Corp 2014 Summary Performance

Despite any speculations and forecasts, the bio-pharmaceutical corporation continues to grow in surprising rate. With $6.8 billions of profits in 2014, Celgene is still an exciting investment opportunity. The curious fact is that this company is have the potential to grow even further and generate revenue for new shareholders.

The beginning price of the Celgene Corp in 2014 was under $85 per share and the trend at that period was downward sloping. The lowest price of $66 per share was on 4th of April, and after that point the trend was positive till the end of 2014. This year’s price was closed at the level of $113 per share.

It’s success hold another secret, the company managed to significantly reduce the number of outstanding shares from 940 million in 2010 to 798 million in 2014. The total reduction rate is excellent – nearly 15% of the total shares. This trend is probably going to continue as the corporation plans to buy back a steady amount of shares each year with reduce rate of 4% annually.

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